Interview with Norway’s Carl Espen!


Another interview here!

This time we did interview with Norwegian talented representative  Carl Espen and he answered all our questions.


Interviewer: Firstly Thank you so much for this interview.

– My pleasure. I appreciate the interest and support!

Interviewer: What made you decide to represent Norway at the Eurovision, how did it all happen?

– My cousin Josefin Winther, wrote a song about how she experiences me as a person. She showed it to me, without telling that it was for me. When I heard the lyrics, I felt right away that this was my song. When she asked me to sing it and send it to Eurovision, I said yes immediately. I knew that this was something I could be proud of. I didn’t decide to represent Norway, I entered the contest, and I was so lucky that the Norwegian people voted for me. I am very humbled by that. 

Interviewer: Why “Silent Storm” for Eurovision?

– I have already told you parts of the story, but the choice was easy when Josefin suggested to send it to MGP. I have always had a dream to sing for people, and I was extremely thankful and happy when I was given this opportunity. First with Josefin writing the song for me, and then NRK giving me the chance to perform for the Norwegian people. 

Interviewer: Were there any moments that you were in silent storm in your life? (If yes, when?)

– Yes. The song is trying to communicate the feelings I carry inside of me. They whirl around inside of me like a silent storm. When I sing the song, I get in touch with these feelings, because only then, can I really perform it genuinely. It is hard, but it is important. 

Interviewer: Please give information about your Eurovision performance in Copenhagen.

– My performance in Copenhagen will stay focused on the song and its message. It is a fragile, intense and powerful ballade, and we will try to emphasize this in the stage show. My team and I, are excited about the possibilities this new stage will bring, but at the same time focused on keeping the performance about the core of the song. Contemplation over my place in life, and a hope that someday I’ll be calm. 

Interviewer: Norway rank high according to bookmakers, what do you think about it?

– Since it became official that I was participating in the Norwegian eurovision, I have receive enormous support and love from all over the world. I am so grateful for this. The bookies have also been optimistic, and that is of course flattering, but most of all inspiring and motivating to do an even better job. I think that the people out there don’t really care about bookies. They listen to the song and watch the performance, and I manage to move them with my words and voice, they will vote. If not, they wont. So that’s where my main focus is. 

6. Will you visit Azerbaijan for promotion tour? (We`re waiting for you)

– Thank you so much for that! That would be absolutely fantastic, but I’m afraid the schedule is a bit too tight. I managed to book in two ESC events, and that is in Amsterdam and London. But I would love to go some time. I want to travel more and meet new people and cultures, and I think Azerbaijan would be a beautiful and interesting place to go. 

Interviewer: What do you think about Azerbaijan`s Dilara?

– I had the great pleasure of meeting her in Amsterdam, and I’m just honored to be in the competition with artists like her. What a fantastic voice, brilliant song, and just so heartfelt and solid performance. I am really impressed! I wish her all the best. 

Interviewer: What is your favorite entry of this year?

– Well, Azerbaijan is definitely one of the most impressive acts, but I also like artists like the Finland act. 

Interviewer: Do you have a message for Azerbaijani Eurovision fans?

– Dear fans in Azerbaijan! I am so thankful for the support you give me, and the interest you take. It means so much to me, and I never take it for granted.



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