Hersi Matmuja speaks to INFE Azerbaijan



We had the chance interview Hersi Matmuja who is representing Albania to the 2014 Eurovision Song  Contest.  Here is the interview in full.

1. Do you think Eurovision will be easier, or harder than winning the Albanian National Selection?

I still can’t say, but I think it will be equally hard, because the stage of the national albanian festival it’s a big emotion, though it’s smaller; there are particular emotions in front of the public of your own country. The difficulty on the big stage of ESC, apart that of being enormous, will be to represent my whole country worthily. As for the european public, I already know it’s very warm and positive to the singers, and I think that will be a big help.


2. How do you intend on preparing for the contest in May? Will you be watching other national  pre-selection contests?

  We’ll first have to rearrange the song, think about the video-clip and than, the stage performance, so I’ll give  my best to prepare for my vocal performance. As for now, I haven’t had the possibility to watch any of the other  national selections, I’ve only red about other selected contestants, from Ukraine and Armenia.

3. For those of us who do not speak your language, can you explain what your Eurovision song  is about.

The song title can be traduced in english “One night’s anger”, or “The anger of one night”, and it warns us about how wrecking can the anger be, if you don’t controll it, if you speak while you’re angry. It can destroy every human relationship, especially friendship. So, the lyrics suggest us to calm ourselves, to “think it over for one night”, and wait for the morning, because it is always “smarter than the evening”.

4. After your winning in “Festivali i Kenges” too much Eurovision fans think that song should be in Albanian Language , and in which language you think to sing the song in Eurovision stage?

Well, I’d like for ESCwatchers to have the possibility to understand the song, that’s why I’m considering the idea of singing it in english, but we still haven’t decided, since a lot of people would like it in albanian.

5. What do you think of last year’s winner, Emmelie de Forest, and do you look forward to meeting the Eurovision legend that is Valentina Monetta, with incredible Conchita Wurst and so on?

I had the big possibility to hear Emmelie singing her winning song on the final of FiK this year, and I loved her tender voice, her tymbric, her outfit, the whole performance. She is so simple and sweet! As for the others, I’m looking forwards to see Conchita’s performance! I’ve heard Valentina last year, and I expect another beautiful entry from hear this year, to. I never thought the opportunity to meet such artists would come to me so soon!

6. What is your favourite winning Eurovision entry?

I loved most of them, and I can’t just pick one! Emelie was great, Loreen to, Ruslana…Eli and Niki…Sertab…I’ll have to mention them all!

7.  What do you think about Azerbaijan at Eurovision Song Contest?

I think Azerbaijan, though it’s a young contry for the ESC, it’s bringing more interesting choices year to year; winning the contest on 2011 definitely proves that, and I’ve noticed that the songs from Azerbaijan are always of the most successful in ESC.

8. Will you visit Azerbaijan for a promotional tour?

I still don’t know…I’ve seen views from the Baku, and I think it would be so fun! I hope I can!

9.  Do you have a message for Azerbaijanian Eurovision fans?

Well, first of all, Happy, happy New Year! Thank you for the positivity of your comments, and continue supporting your beautiful music! Love you all!

INFE Azerbaijan would like to thank Hersi Matmuja  for this interview.




Hersi Matmuja speaks to INFE Azerbaijan” üzərinə bir şərh

  1. Handlebarc

    Many thanks for this interesting interview. Since I first listened to Hersi’s song, I’ve loved it and is one of my faves. Please,please, please keep it in Albanian (or at least include one verse in English), but in Albanian, it sounds so powerful.
    A fan from Santiago de Chile.

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