Exclusive interview with Conchita Wurst


IMG_4643  Conchita Wurst Austrian’s participant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, revealed her feelings and goals for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, in an exclusive interview, only for INFE Azerbaijan.






InterviewerHow do you feel representing Austria at the biggest show of the world?

Conchita Wurst/  I’m so honored and happy about this.  Actually I can’t wait 🙂

 Interviewer/ What made you decide to represent Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest. How did it all happen? because you wanna for represent Austria at Baku.

Conchita Wurst/ I always wanted to be on this stage. I know the ESC shows since I can remember. My mother used to watch it with me.  So a dream came true. Tow years ago i tried the first time and it did’nt work out. I knew back then, my time will come.

Interviewer/  Will you be going on a promotional tour in order to promote your Eurovision Song Contest entry? Which countries will you visit? Azerbaijan, Baku?

Conchita Wurst/  Really want to, and as many countries I could visit. I want to, get to know as many members of the ESC family as possible.

Interviewer/ Have you spoken to any of the former Austrian Eurovision representatives? Natália Kelly? and specially Trackshittaz? If so, what  they shared with you about their Eurovision experience?

Conchita Wurst/  Yes is did.  You know Nadine Beiler is a friend of mine and she gave me some good advise. Also Lukas from Trackshittaz is an artist I really respect. They all told me one thing in particular ‘conchita, you have to go there’ 😀

Interviewer/  Please give information about your stage`s dress by the way your Azerbaijani fans loves your stage dress so much 🙂

Conchita Wurst/  hahaha well thank you, but I don’t know yet. 🙂

Interviewer/ Do you normally watch the contest (when you are not competing in it of course) – do you have a favourite Eurovision moment?

Conchita Wurst/ I love the ESC and the best moment ever was from 1988. Celine Dion winning eurovision. the year of my birth 😉 till now i watch her performance every now an then on youtube.

Interviewer/ What do you think about Azerbaijan at Eurovision. Whic is favorite Azerbaijanian entry?

Conchita Wurst/ First of all, the artists always look fabulous! Hair, style, make up, dress just everything is perfect! I think this years ‘hold me’ performance was just incredible good!

Interviewer/ Are there any Azerbaijan musicians you like?

Conchita Wurst/  Honestly I just know the artist which participated in the last years for Eurovision. My favorite of them would be Farid Mamadov.

Interviewer/ Do you have a message for your European fans and INFE Azerbaijan Fan Clup?

Conchita Wurst/  Hello everybody! I just wanted to say that i really look forward to sing in copenhagen and seeing as many as possible of you guys over there. I think it’s gonna be a huge party celebrating our love to music and our individuality.

Thank you so much, Conchita Wurst for this amazing  interview. Good Luck to you for Eurovision Song Contest 2014


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